Self Recursive Power Generator



The Vision and Mission of 81i.ORG

  • Self Recursive Power Generator, (SRPG)(The Power System) by 81i.ORG is fully developed and is fully ready for commercialization.
  • SRPG is a self-contained system that will continuously generate stable electrical power without the use of any fuels or external power sources. Generation of electrical power of SRPG is non­dependent of any external factors, inclusive of wind, solar, water, oil, synthetic fuels or chemicals, plants, animals or human effort to continuously generate energy. SRPG will continuously extract atomic energy without fission or fusion.
  • Currently, the size of SRPG ranges from power supply of a PC to 3 cubic meter and it can endlessly power a PC to a Empire State Building. SRPG is capable to unlimited daisy chain to generate power at any demand.
  • SRPG V01 is land operational on dryland and seabed. SRPG V02 is space and aviate operational. Both SRPG V01 and SRPG V02 are fully developed and is fully ready for commercialization. SRPG V03 is designed and under development and SRPG V03 will be able to power small thin mobile devices.
  • SRPG combining with current laser and jet and AI and battery and light-sail technologies, we will total control climate and space travel at sub-light speed and shield from nuclear war and many more, and of course, SRPG can cause ELE (Extinction Level Event) if falls into evil hands. The applications of SRPG are legion.
  • 81i.ORG is a social enterprise where monetary gain is the least concern of the enterprise.
  • 81i.ORG strives to go beyond the new frontiers of science and technology and to better human life and we will do no evil! 81i.ORG will innovates and further itself in the areas of Artificial Intelligence Self-Aware and Nanobots and Robotics and Genetics and Gene Mapping and Communication Exchange Technology and the Righteous Commerce System. Project iDomain, the newly invented Righteous Commerce System, with its sub-projects iJUST and iSiLVER and iPAY and iBANC and iSHOP and iSiTE and iSEARCH will eliminate poor products and intermediary high profits and racketeering commerce and work-less and poverty.
  • 81i.ORG will found a region to provide sanctuary and asylum to anyone under judicial justice persecution and political persecution and war persecution and human rights persecution.
  • 81i.ORG will found social corporations that will employee anyone who needs work and to produce human living necessities and housings to provide for the right to live of all human and to eliminate poverty.
  • 81i.ORG will define Judicial Justice as the most basic human right and found the organization to defend this right to Judicial Justice of all human against all evil.

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