Self Recursive Power Generator



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Our Vision

Our SRPG (Self Recursive Power Generation) completely self recursive power generation system, is a closed square box. Electricity can be generated without external sources of energy and fuel. The above on the first and second generation has been completed. Current the third generation SRPG will research and develope to be reduced to less than 10 cm, the target is 0.1 cm, and increase the power ratio. Make miniaturization, improve efficiency. Can be used in water and space. Will no longer have to worry about the power source in the future, readily available. Mobile devices and wearable devices are no longer recharge it!

We try to solve the urgent, major earth and human problems, to promote the development of science and technology. Let us benefit the earth and protect the earth. And, to develop the following items listed, to promote the earth into next generation. Completely solve all the problems of existence, development and sustainability. Have you ever thought that a better future is not far from us? As long as we strive to practice!

  • Eradicate judicial persecution, persecution of human rights.
  • To eliminate hunger. Produce free food to solve the global food problem.
  • Establish a construction company to provide high quality and reasonably priced of social housing that can be rented and sold. Cool housing price hike and maintain public housing rights.
  • Use new CCS technology to solve global warming which is a irreversible problem and strive to develop renewable energy.
  • Develope nano-machinery.
  • Awakening of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Gene Map.
  • Free Energy.
  • Star Trek.
  • Space Colonization.

Contact Us

If you want to give us a feedback, please mail to 81i@81i.ORG . Thank you.